Zivilingenieur für Lebensmittel- und Gärungstechnologie


Allgemein beeideter und gerichtlich zertifizierter Sachverständiger


Dipl. Ing. Dr. Josef Dörfler

Oberer Gries 22

3281 Oberndorf an der Melk


T: +43 7483 7110

M: +43 676 371 35 70

E: office@zt-doerfler.at

Selection of completed projects :

Bioethanol, Neutral Alcohol


  • Technical evaluation and qualification of industrial bioethanol plants during due diligence processes (with designed capacity ≥ 100,000 m³ / year on cereals and molasses base)
  • Process design & basic engineering for a demonstration plant ("proof of concept" of a new process technology)
  • Feasibility studies and cost estimations for bioethanol processing from sulfate - and sulfite liquors from the pulp production industry
  • Feasibility study and cost estimation for a regional bioethanol plant on grain and corn base  (nominal capacity of 10,000 m³ / year)  

Biodiesel, Vegetable Oils


  • Commercial and technical interim management of a biodiesel plant with an attached oil mill (with a nominal capacity of 50,000 tons of biodiesel / year - mainly production of Rapsmethlester)
  • Review, evaluation and assessment of a biodiesel plant in the course of an insolvency proceedings (with a nominal capacity of 50,000 tons of biodiesel / year based on used cooking oil)
  • Expert opinions in the course of court proceedings (e.g. explosion risk assessment due to incorrect handling , risk assessment of quality variation during continous biodiesel processing)
  • (Further) developments and establishment of technological processes and concepts for the production of (waste-based/ advanced) biodiesel within industrial scale at BioRaffinerie Mureck GmbH)  



  • Interim management in a biogas plant firm with multiple plant locations (function as managing director)
  • Technical, technological and economic analyses and evaluations of a biogas plant company in the course within reorganization proceedings
  • Analysis of economic potentials for biogas production from organic waste related to food and agricultural industry
  • Expert opinions in the course of court proceedings: Technical assessment and evaluation for design and construction of dedicated biogas plants

Other Projects

  • Development and calculation of mass and energy balances for biomass power plants producing green electricity and process heat with different conceptional designs (grate firing, fluidized bed and gasification processes)
  • Technical and economic analyses and evaluations in the course of reorganization proceedings of power plants for green electricity and heat production
  • Hygienic and production training for aseptic filling systems within the food industry
  • Feasibility study: Analysis of capabilities and potentials for lactic acid processing and related downstream chemical products
  • Feasibility study: Production of valuable substances out of sulfite liqour in a cellulosic pulp factory.
  • Project development within the agricultural area for an Eastern European investor: Integrated food, feed and biofuel production (vegetable oils, biodiesel and bioethanol)
  • Project definition and formulation in the framework of European research programs